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Marriage = Football?

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Marriage = Football?
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Research on Happy Marriages and Divorce show that good football teams and good marriages have a lot in common. What? Yes, good marriages are fulfilling and lasting because of positive behaviors and skills that the couple has learned and uses.


We have always told couples to “love each other, be committed and communicate well” and send them out into marriage to win. Unfortunately, there is no adequate skills preparation for marriage or life-long commitment.


That’s just like a coach sending a football team out to win a game based on “team spirit” and not knowing any plays. The coach sends his players out on the field and yells “Go get’em boys!” But none of them know the plays from the playbook! Guess what? They lose!


PAIRS gives both Men and Women the skills needed to really understand each other, communicate effectively, confide in each other, and solve the problems that will arise in any relationship. Men like PAIRS Workshops because they present an agreed upon structure for communicating and handling disagreements in a logical way. Women like the workshops because they teach their partners how to share the work of the relationship – the work of keeping the love and romance alive. Men and women are normally happy to do their share if they know the playbook – what is expected of them and what really works.


In short, the PAIRS “PAIRS ESSENTIALS ” Workshop gives both you and your spouse (or significant other) the same playbook and shows you how to drill the plays. Your Certified Pairs Instructors put you through the practice sessions so you can take the field together and win!