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Heart to Heart Workshops is proud to provide the powerful workshop "PAIRS NEXTSTEP FOR THE MILITARY". This is a special initiative on behalf of Armed Forces Personnel and Families. This workshop was developed in conjunction with Military Chaplains and is specifically geared to military couples. Why not give your soldier a special gift of a better relationship? See Gift Certificates below.
The emotional stress and separation of being deployed can negatively impact intimate relationships. Both the soldier and his/her spouse and family are emotionally stressed by deployment. This dynamic two-day PAIRS workshop will provide you with the powerful tools that can restore and nourish your intimate relationship and help you to avoid serious mistakes. An added bonus in all PAIRS training is the positive impact it has on children who experience positive communication, emotional maturity and genuine love between their parents.   
In addition to teaching and practicing basic relationship skills, this program addresses the special stresses on the marriages and relationships of military personnel, such as long separations, conflicted reunions, closeness to buddies, possibly dangerous deployments, and training in aggression and emotional suppression. Special emphasis is placed on issues such as jealousy, facing dangerous situations, and maintaining faith, intimacy and closeness during long periods of physical separation.
PAIRS NEXSTEP FOR THE MILITARY creates healthier marriages and helps stabilize military families.
This two-day workshop is ideal for departing and returning military personnel. It is normally experienced over a weekend (Saturday and Sunday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm) with the couple staying at a hotel Saturday evening. Groups of 12 to 15 military couples should contact us to request their workshop date. The coordinating Chaplain, Commander, Soldier or Spouse should contact Heart to Heart Workshops in advance to discuss the details and set up the workshop.   

Gift Certificates Available for your soldier: Register on Registration Page and enter "Gift Certificate from ...." in the Comment Section along with your complete name and address. The Gift Certificate will be forwarded to you and the date of the workshop can then be selected by your soldier.

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