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Car Tune-Up or Save My Marriage?

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Car Tune-Up or Save My Marriage?
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What kind of question is that? Well, think about it. Each year we spend more money (and perhaps more time and effort) on tune-ups for our car than on the most precious thing in our lives - OUR MARRIAGE!


Talk about short-sightedness! You'd think that we were married to our cars most of the time. Washing them, polishing them, oil changes, tuning them up... Meanwhile, our relationship skills are collecting dust. We are often like strangers in our own home.


Any wonder why the divorce rate in America is over 50% and the divorce rate of remarried couples is at 75%! Divorce is normally a tragic consequence of our lack of learning and practicing the RELATIONSHIP SKILLS needed to succeed in marriage.


The PAIRS ESSENTIALS Workshops will teach you the important relationship skills that you need to have a more intimate, loving and joyful marriage. These workshops are for you - whether you have a "happy marriage" or are experiencing difficult times. The good news is that both men and women can learn these skills and tremendously enhance their happiness and love irregardless of their current level of happiness in their relationship. 


Our children learn by our example and they will benefit by our strength and ability to change ourselves and resolve our differences as loving parents using new relationship skills. Studies show that committed couples are generally happier, better adjusted (and financially more secure) than divorced couples.


So put your money where your happiness is - in your relationship! Don't worry so much about your car - get a RELATIONSHIP TUNE-UP with a PAIRS ESSENTIALS Workshop and love life again!