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Workshop Description

Workshop Description
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Workshop Instructors Dan & Irma O'Connor

Heart to Heart Workshops
All Workshops follow the PAIRS Curriculum.
(The PAIRS Foundation is a Nationally Acclaimed Relationship Program developed by Mental Health and Marriage Therapy Professionals over the past 30 years. The method is based on easy-to-learn, practical skills that really work.)
Spend some quality time with your partner in a fun, exciting, fast-paced workshop learning and practicing essential couples skills for a more fulfilling and exciting relationship! You will learn:
1. How To Communicate Effectively
We teach you the PAIRS method of effective communication. This is a proven method that will give you great results right away. Learn important skills that will help you both get what you need out of your relationship. Learn to use and practice the Five Styles of Communication, Daily Temperature Reading, the Relationship Roadmap and the Triune Brain. Effective communication as taught in our PAIRS workshops has transformed the relationships of thousands of couples across the U.S.A.
2. Confiding
Learn how to confide in your spouse and help your spouse confide in you. This will help you understand and express your inner feelings in an effective manner. Learn and practice positive techniques to express your frustrations and anger in positve and constructive ways. Learn the "Emptying the Jug" technique, Shared Meaning, Mind-Reading and the Leveling Style of Communication.
3. Problem-Solving
Learn the principles of fighting fair and staying on track with your relationship. Learn the Dialog Guide, Emotional Allergies and Healing the Ledger. Problem-solving is a key to any successful relationship.
Workshop Handbook
Each participant will receive a  functional PAIRS Workbook with all the modules from the workshop. This is yours to take home, refer to, and use as a guide in order to reinforce the workshop skills and practice sessions.