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What are they saying about us?

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What are they saying about us?
Divorce and Children
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Participants rate their overall experience in
our Heart to Heart Workshops at 95%!
Some comments from the
Heart to Heart Workshop Participants:
"Our PAIRS Weekend was excellent. These tools will allow my husband and I to communicate in a healthy and positive way. This is what I also want our children to see - Healthy communication!" - Sara
"The instructors were very intelligent, sensitive, funny and sincere with their approach." - Sam
"It gave me a tool box full of logical ways to resolve differences in our relationship" - Kyle
"I know we will use the tools to strengthen our relationship. It will help us and our children!" - Jennifer
"The Passage to Intimacy Workshop provided us with concrete, specific action plans to use in improving our relationship." - Julie
"I now have an effective way to communicate with my husband. I feel I will be able to discuss almost everything with him! - Trish
"The instructors were very warm and made us feel comfortable expressing ourselves. They presented everything in a very clear way with plenty of time to practice our new skills." - Sally
"This workshop opened up issues that I never bothered to explore with my wife. I will be more open with her now." - John
"The instructors were great! They were both sensitive to everyone in the class and the participants' privacy. I thought that it was great that they were husband and wife because we could relate to them." - George
"I feel hopeful for our marriage and our future together because of the skills we've learned. I feel closer to my husband than I have in a long time." - Jane
"I like all the different ways there are to communicate with your partner and work out a solution to our problems." - Anna
"The information was provided in a very useful and practical way that can easily be used outside the class." - Jim
"I liked the many different forms of resolving problems without creating others. Thanks to this workshop, we will not only have a better relationship, but it will help us in raising our children." - Frank
"I liked the hands on experience of getting to practice the techniques with my fiance." - Jill
"For years to come, I will be able to talk to my wife without losing my cool!" - Carl
"I learned to share my feelings with my wife and other people." - Jose
"This will help me in my future marriage because some things weren't clear between us - and now they are!" - Edith
"Our new skills should help us cope and heal problems areas at home. Some skills will also be very useful at work." - Pete